Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May Blocks

Hello there,

Your May blocks are on their way to you.  You will be working with a combination of Timber fabrics and Essex cotton/linen in some sort of putty colour.  I think I have put more than enough of everything in your envelopes but if this turns out not to be true, just let me know and I'll send more.  Please know that I am not in any rush for these.  Canadian mail is terribly slow when sending to and from the US (New Zealand and Australia are surprisingly quick, for some reason).  I won't be putting anything together until sometime in the summer when I am away at our cabin and actually have 2 minutes to myself.

I have a gallery of the blocks to make on flickr but the lowdown goes something like this:

I chose 6 different blocks.  Each of you has enough fabric for 2 different blocks. I mixed up the blocks and put them in the envelopes and then addressed them so I have no idea who is getting what.  All of the fabric is prewashed - not something I usually do but on advice that linen really shrinks, I washed it all.

While the patterns themselves don't lend themselves to inprovisation, I have tried to put as much fabric as possible in your packets so that you could decide what fabric goes where.  I have also put the instructions for the blocks in the envelopes but they are all, except for 2, found online.

The Bee Imaginative block by Red Pepper Quilts is simply 2.5" squares sewn together.

The 1/2 Triangle block has instructions in the envelope (none online for the block but lots online for 1/2 sqaure triangles).

I hope that you all have fun making the blocks.  Whatever scraps you have left are yours to keep.  And again, when you get to the block, you get to it.  No worries whatsoever here.  Thanks so much for doing my blocks.



  1. i like the surprise aspect- can't wait to see what I get! Sounds very fun!!

  2. Leanne, the package arrived on Saturday - you were right about it taking a long time just from Canada to the US! The fabrics look gorgeous and I'm excited!