Monday, January 11, 2010

February Block

Ok- so I know we aren't even half way through January, and I
just got Heidi's fabric today, which by the way I L-O-V-E!!! But,
while I was checking out the Churn Dash tutorial at Modified Traditions,
I looked at the Amish Diamond square and fell head-over-heels.

So be prepared for that to be arriving in a couple of weeks. I am off to Hawthorne to shop for fabric now. I think that I am going to go for the Bridgewater collection.

Did I give you enough links? =)



  1. Great choices, Tracy! I love that collection. You could definitely use either of the flower prints for the corner blocks. And the three for the center focus block. Oooo, so excited :)

    BTW, I changed the visited link color on the site. The yellow was very hard to see against this light blue background.

  2. I noticed the color change. That does work much better. I love that online store and if I remember correctly it is your fault that I found it.

  3. I agree - great choice and the fabric collection is perfect for it!